So you think you want a Newfoundland puppy ?

Newfies are NOT a breed for everyone. Yes, they are sweet and lovable but the shed, they drool and they take a great deal of time, love and patience to upkeep. If you own a newf you may end up with holes in your yard the size of small pounds, and you will forever be stepping over one of these big furry speedbumps in your house.

Newfoundlands are extremely intelligent and real problem solvers and that in itself can present quite a challenge. Tons of socialization and early obedience classes are strongly encouraged.

For more information on the breed visit the Newfoundland Club of America website. It is a great place to research this wonderful breed.



Puppy prices

Did you ever wonder why a Newfoundland puppy costs what it does? This article by Bill Betchley of Biforst Newfoundlands helps explains what goes into producing quality puppies.


Tell us about you

If after doing your homework, you still think this may be the dog for you, and if you are interested in one of our puppies, download and complete our questionnaire bellow, so that when we have a telephone interview we are more familiar with your background and what you are looking for in a Newfoundland dog.

The questionnaire can be printed out and faxed to us or you can adress the questions in an e-mail response. Please be sure to respond to all the points in this questionnaire.